Customer Service
Have an issue regarding a purchase? Please email us at the address below, and we'll get back to you ASAP. However, as there are only two of us and we've dedicated our life to making Hack Music Theory things for you, we can only check emails once a week. Thanks big time for your patience, we truly appreciate it, and we truly appreciate you!

YouTube Comments
We premiere a video every Thursday at 12 noon (PT), then we hang out on YouTube for an hour, replying to as many comments on that new video as possible. We'd love to meet you, so come say hello on our next video!

General / Questions
We read every email, and we're deeply grateful for your interest in Hack Music Theory. As we get hundreds of general messages and theory questions though, we're unfortunately unable to reply to these emails. However, if you're in our apprenticeship, then please post your theory questions in the Network for your fellow apprentices to answer.

Social Media
We are not on any social media. If you're wondering why, then you are in luck, cos we wrote a song about it!

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